Why Owner Build?


As an Owner Builder you control the quality of work on your home.  There are no hidden cost-cutting exercises that result in lower quality.  You can take the time to shop around and find those contractors who do quality work.  If you are unsure of any aspect of the construction of your dream home & you don't want to risk making a mistake, our advice service is available to you.  We can also provide a list of proven contractors that our clients have used in the past and who are familiar with the Steelmaster system.


With project builders, and some kit home suppliers, you are either locked into their standard plans, or pay expensive premiums for any changes you want.  Once the project starts it is even harder to make changes.  Some project builders offer only a limited choice of items or place a cost limit on how much you can spend.  As an owner-builder with Steelmaster you can design your own home and shop around to find the fittings that are just right for what you want.  After all, it is your home.


Why pay someone else to do those things that you can do yourself?  There are many things that the average person can do on their own home.  Many owner-builders have been pleasantly surprised at just how much they can do.  Even if you don't want to do any trade work, the simple task of managing and co-ordinating subcontractors can result in major cost savings.  Any costs that you save in one area can be used in other areas of the house - for example, you may wish to upgrade bathroom tiles, install a higher quality kitchen or taps.  The Choice is yours!

You can also match the pace of construction to suit your finances.  Steelmaster allows you to order your home in three distinct stages with payment accompanying each.  If your finances are a bit tight one month you can  simply wait until the next.  With a builder, your finances must be made to match what they want.


There is a certain pride to be taken in showing people through your new home and telling them you built it yourself.


Because you built it yourself, if in future years some minor running repairs are needed, you will be able to do them yourself rather than call in a tradesperson.  Also because you have built with steel many maintenance repairs are not required, such as sticking windows and doors, nail popping to plasterboard ceilings, settlement of roof trusses under tile loads.  So the benefits are not only when you build the house, but in years to come as well.

The Owner Manager - A Definition

The owner manager basically is an owner builder that sub-contracts all stages of the building process and does not have a hands on role.  Remembering that a modern builder is a manager co-ordinating materials and labour.  Many people choose to owner manage to lock up stage and then complete their home.  Normally they would sub-contract plasterboard installation and finishing.  Then you could paint and sub-contract for fix out carpentry, wall and floor tiling, kitchen etc..

The Owner Builder - A Definition

The owner builder takes the roll of the builder.  Today a modern builder is a manager, who co-ordinates material supply and subcontractors.  Materials are supplied to your site prefabricated and then installed by subcontractors.

Realistically an owner builder can successfully fulfil this role.  The  Steelmaster owner builder system co-ordinates material supply in stages and can advise on co-ordination of subcontractors.

As an owner builder using the Steelmaster system there are many areas you can successfully complete yourself. 

  • Footings.  **

  • Floor systems, frames and trusses, roof and ceiling battens.

  • Fascias and gutters.  **

  • Roof sheeting.  **

  • Verandah decks and roofs.

  • External doors, windows and sarking.

  • Weatherboards or cedar boards.

  • Hebel Powerpanel.

  • Eaves and verandah ceilings.

  • Electrical rough-in.  **

  • Wall and ceiling insulation, hanging only of plasterboard
    (we highly recommend setting by a qualified plasterer).

  • Painting.

  • Installing internal doors and fix-out carpentry.

  • Wall and floor tiling.  **

  • Deck and balcony handrails.

  • In some cases, even kitchen installation.  **

      Note:   ** Not recommended unless you are competent.
      Not all materials listed are included in Steelmaster's standard kit

How much you choose to do yourself is your decision.  You can budget for a subcontractor to complete the task or work with a subcontractor to save on erection costs.  Work with your strengths and weaknesses.  Strengths you do yourself, weaknesses you work with a subcontractor or have them do all the task.

Specialist areas we recommend you do not complete, include concrete slab, plumbing, brickwork, plasterboard finishing.