Stage 1: Material Supply to Roof-On

Steel Frames

Steel frames are the heart of every Steelmaster kit home.  They are professionally engineered, prefabricated steel wall framing systems utilising Bluescope Steel.  They consist of light weight, high tensile zincalume steel components which are accuarately assembled,  resulting in straight and square wall frames.

All Steelmaster frames are detailed to exacting tolerances using custom computer software specifically written to complement the owner building process.  Frames are manufactured in manageable lengths, all openings are calculated to suit cladding requirements, frames are pre-braced to cope with the wind speed in your area and stud clusters are already fitted to save time at a later stage.  (Even the assembly layouts are easy to understand.)

Steel Trusses

Supratruss complements the Steel frames & were designed by B.H.P engineers after years of extensive research into the domestic home construction market.  This truss system is light weight, easy to install and is able to meet the needs of almost every roof type.  It is suitable for both tile and colorbond sheeted roofs up to 15 metres wide with a full range of roof pitches available from 15° to over 30°.

Steelmaster's Supratrusses are computed detailed and rolled to exacting tolerances.  The loose truss members are then delivered to site where Steelmaster assembles the trusses ready for speedy on-site erection.

Steelmaster also supplies all other necessary materials to completely finish your new Colorbond steel roof.


  • Steel trim angles as eave support and ceiling batten end support.

  • Steel roofing straps for roof bracing.

  • Steel purlin pitching beams where required.

  • Steel ceiling joists and hangers where required.

  • 90 x 90 x 2.0mm Duragal R.H.S. support posts with federation bases.

  • 75 x 75 x 2.5mm Duragal R.H.S. support posts.

  • Steel roof battens to suit colorbond sheeting.

  • Steel ceiling battens to suit trusses at 1200mm centres.

  • Colorbond steel roof sheeting (trimdeck or custom orb).

  • Colorbond steel ridge capping and barge capping.

  • Colorbond steel valley gutter and accessories.

  • Colorbond steel fascia boards and accessories

  • Colorbond steel trimline slotted gutter and accessories.

  • Zinc round nozzles to suit stormwater lines to water tank (by owner).

  • Building blanket R:1.3 - 55mm thick to entire roof.

If you wish to have a tiled roof, Steelmaster will help you to organise tiles in place of colorbond roof sheeting.