Priced To Suit Your Needs

Steelmaster costs each job on an individual basis.  The reason being we specialise in individual Home design and since 1989 have completed over 600 different home designs.

All our costing is run through estimating sofware, so you only pay for the materials in the home kit. Not on a square metre basis which is inaccurate & in many cases you are penalised with additions or adjustments to standard plans with other suppliers.

The service we offer you is a home design to suit your requirements.  We draft your design and you check it.  Then we complete a costing, broken into two areas - accurate kit price (for material supply only) and a comprehensive construction estimate.

The construction estimate has 3 main elements - preliminary, construction and finishing.  We can be as accurate with the preliminary and construction as we are with the quantity surveying. Although the finishing we can only give you a guide of allowances.  Encouraging you to look at what is available and adjust our allowances to suit your requirements.

There are many variables to home design, construction and finishes that effect the final cost.

For example:

  • Concrete Slab - The most cost effective foundation on level land, which is why all project homes are on a slab. Also highly recomended in Bushfire prone areas.

  • Bearers and Joists - To suit your land or your preferences, then a home on bearers and joists can be on skirt brick or blockwork, brick or steel piers. Over 50% of our Home designs are on steel Bearers & Joists.

  • Roofing - Colorbond sheeting or tile (concrete or terracotta).

  • Roof Styles - Trussed roof, Skillion roof, Raked ceilings, Curved roof options.

  • Frame height - 2.40m (8'), 2.59m (8'6"), 2.70m (9'), 3.00m (10'), 3.60m (12').

  • External cladding - Brick veneer, brick with architectural coating (granosite), powerpanel with a host of applied finishes, Hardies weatherboards (pre-primed), Architectural weatherboards,  western red cedar cladding, and colorbond cladding (many options).

  • Windows - Available in aluminium sliding, double hung, awning and louvre. With many glazing options for increased efficiency or Bushfire protection.

How Much For The Steelmaster Kit

Great question, due to BASIX we now cost all our kit homes on an individual basis, there are many aspects to be reviewed to design a BASIX compliant home.  BASIX is the NSW government's energy rating system for all new homes, extensions & renovations. A BASIX certificate is required by all Local Councils prior to lodging plans to council (no BASIX certificate = you cannot lodge plans for approval).


BASIX is a 3 part system comprising of:


A water usage saving of 40% is applicable to many sites in NSW (this is district based & variable). This module looks at the area of your block of land, the amount of lawn, gardens & low water use plants. All new homes connected to town water require a rain water tank (size is determined by BASIX) this will be connected to at least 1 external tap, a laundry cold water tap, all W.C's & sometimes the hot water system.


This module looks at the home design, orientation to North (passive solar design), construction type - materials used, roof & eave design, window sizes (area of glass & orientation), types of window & glazing options. This module determines the type & R rating of the insulation material to be used for floors, walls, ceiling & roofs.


An energy saving of 40% is required for all new applications. This module is affected directly by the Thermal Efficiency Rating, if your home is highly efficient, then you will easily achieve the energy rating.

This 40% energy saving rates the following:

Hot water system type (energy efficiency), heating & cooling to living areas & bedrooms (including efficiency of your system if applicable), ventilation to bathrooms, kitchen & laundry - exhaust fans and range hoods, light fittings to the new home - rooms they are fitted to & efficiency of the lights, natural lighting via windows or skylights to bathrooms, W.C's & kitchen.  Cook top & oven, refrigeration space, external & internal clothes lines.

I know that all you wanted was the kit price!   However the kit price is irrelevant if your new home is not BASIX compliant.
The kit price supplied by Steelmaster will be BASIX compliant, we supply the BASIX certificate (based on the BASIX website) with the plans for council for your new home.

Our Commitment to You: Our aim is to supply materials in kit form to you for a home design that suits your requirements, your land, your budget & BASIX.

When designing for BASIX the focus is cost effective solutions = absolute minimum you need to do for a BASIX certificate pass. You then have a choice to upgrade aspects of your new home & still be BASIX compliant.

Supply materials cost effectively for your new home = not the cheapest price as the materials supplied by Steelmaster are not the cheapest materials. Our philosophy is to supply materials to the standard we would personally use, if we were building for ourselves.

What Next?

We work with you to design a cost effective home that will be BASIX compliant.  All the homes featured in the STEELMASTER Plan Gallery are thought starters, just ideas past clients have used. These designs are not set in concrete & any aspect of the design that requires modifying can be done now.

The Final Step

We work with you to develop the design that suits you, your land, your budget & BASIX.  This is an investigation procedure, no obligation required. We finalise the floor plan layout with you, then supply a Steelmaster kit price & construction estimate if required