Advantages of Steel Framing

Total Design Flexibility

Steel Floors, Steel Frames & Steel Trusses offer many unique solutions to feature areas of complex home designs. Steelmaster's philosophy toward unique home design is the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep. It. Super. Simple). Our solutions are cost effective, easy to manufacture and simple to erect.

Reduced Maintenance

Simply by choosing a steel frame for your new home, you will reduce time consuming maintenance for the life of your home.  Steel framing solves the following problems which arises in conventional timber frame buildings.

  • Pest infiltration. I.E: White ants, borers, wet rot and dry rot.
  • Sticky windows and doors, as a result of frame settlement.
  • Nail popping to ceilings, gyprock and cornice cracking as a result of frame movement.
  • Fire as a result of electrical failure or in bushfire prone regions.
  • Steelmaster offers advice to clients building in bushfire regions, to minimise the potential of loss by fire. 
  • Tile roofs with waves due to settlement of conventional structural components.
  • Steel Frames and Trusses are manufactured to exacting tolerances resulting in homes with walls and rooms that are square, straight and true.  The finish achieved by many of our Clients is equivalent to a Master Built Home.