For quality steel framed Kit Homes in NSW

Steelmaster is an Australian owned family company established in September 1989 in NSW. The original principals of Steelmaster were John and Maureen Hoyes and their daughter and son-in-law Tanya and David Chappell. Steelmaster manufactured steel frames and trusses in our factory at Toronto from 1989 until October, 2000. Then the company underwent a major re-structure and relocation to Elrington near Cessnock. This re-structure resulted in Steelmaster returning to our core business providing owner builders with kit homes. Steel frame and truss manufacturing is now outsourced.

At this point the management of Steelmaster also underwent a re-structure with the retirement of John and Maureen Hoyes, resulting in David and Tanya Chappell continuing the business as principles. Steelmaster is a true family business with the direct and indirect involvement of four of Tanya's brothers. This was up until 2009; now the second generation is becoming involved, with David and Tanya's sons working on a part time basis.

Throughout the last 12 years, as a result of the core philosophy of the company to relish a challenge, Steelmaster has developed a wide and varied expertise and intellectual property right specialising exclusively in steel homes. By specialising in individual home designs, Steelmaster has developed an evolutionary problem solving attitude based on applying the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Super Simple) to intricate home designs. Many of the unique home designs are in our plan and photo galleries.

Steelmaster supplies materials in 3 or 4 distinct stages to allow you to owner build or owner manage your dream home. This website is designed to give you information allowing you to be a confident owner builder or owner manager.

Think of kit homes taken to the next level; easy and simple construction for your unique dream home. Our owner builder system is more than just material supply. You also have available individually designed homes, fixed price material supply, construction budget estimating, referral to sub contractors and suppliers (to allow you confidence by dealing with experienced people), cost effectiveness and savings (by dealing with trades people and suppliers with a proven background) without having to shop the entire Hunter region in NSW.

Owner Builder System

Individually designed kit homes to suit your needs and requirements. Either simple or complex home design while minimising design compromise. Your dream home with quality control, cost effectiveness and potentially a master built finish.

Territory We Serve

Steelmaster is based in the Hunter region. We serve throughout NSW including the following areas:

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Lower and Upper Hunter, Central Coast, Sydney, The Southern Highlands, Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Taree, Mid North Coast, Grafton, and New England.

Total Design Flexibility

Steel floors, steel frames and trusses offer many unique solutions to feature areas of complex home designs. Steelmaster's philosophy for unique home design is to use the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Super Simple). Our solutions are cost effective, easy to manufacture and simple to erect.

Steel frames being erected in NSW

Reduced maintenance

Simply by choosing a steel frame for your new home, you will reduce time consuming maintenance for the life of your home. Steel framing solves the following problems which arises in conventional timber frame buildings:

  • Pest infiltration, eg white ants, borers, wet rot and dry rot
  • Sticky windows and doors, as a result of frame settlement
  • Nail popping to ceilings
  • Gyprock and cornice cracking as a result of frame movement
  • Fire as a result of electrical failure or in bushfire prone regions
  • Tile roofs with waves due to settlement of conventional structural components

Steelmaster offers advice to clients building in bushfire regions, to minimise the potential of loss by fire. Steel frames and trusses are manufactured to exacting tolerances resulting in homes with walls and rooms that are square, straight and true. The finish achieved by many of our clients is equivalent to a Master Built Home. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!